As a business owner, you have an asset that delivers an ongoing financial value. You have expertise and knowledge in providing a service, or manufacturing a product that differentiates you in the market and provides a lifestyle for yourself and your family. However, understanding how to monetise this asset for retirement, or to start another business may be more challenging.

The emotional capital you place on an asset you’ve created and built yourself isn’t marketable; what your business does and can potentially generate is. Like your home, the next owner isn’t buying your memories.

Planning for your next step is complex and requires a specialist.

Succession, market dynamics and even social values can quickly upend your plans to retire in comfort. How many Australian wool growers in the 1950s were planning ahead for the research being undertaken by ICI and DuPont into synthetic materials that would eventually cannibalise not only their livelihood, but the country’s economy? Today, your company faces challenges that are more complicated and change faster than a fashion trend – technology, cost of production and a more mobile society are factors that determine the value of businesses locally, nationally and globally.

Becoming more competitive, focussed and profitable requires a professional approach from experts in business strategy, accounting, supply chain, marketing, human capital and leadership that can assess your current state within the context of your needs as well as market dynamics.

Working with some of the region’s largest and most recognised companies, Robinson Voss Partners provides advice that addresses the needs of business owners who value their companies as assets in their retirement portfolios.

Using internationally recognised strategies that evaluate the viability of your business, we look at what you want to achieve first and the timeline you’re working towards. We then seek to improve performance and long-term viability using the VIBA (Value Improvement Benchmarking Advice) methodology, firstly to understand what your business is worth and then how to bridge the gap between the current value and the desired state you wish to exit or hand over your business.

Our approach focuses on making the plan for your business executable in four steps:

  1. Growth – market opportunities
  2. Improvement – capital expenditures
  3. Succession – human capital
  4. Board of Advice – ongoing accountability

Whether you’re looking to exit in the next 12 months or 10 years, beginning the process of valuing your business as a viable, ongoing asset can never start too soon.

Give us a call on 03 9708 8801 or email Craig Robinson at  or Sue Voss at and let us help you get the perspective you need to outgrow today and plan for tomorrow.