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Must Do due diligence for debtor days. . . it could save you tens of thousands

Australian businesses are notorious for making late payments with a study identifying that on average invoices are more than 26 days overdue. [1]

If this is your experience, rather than accepting late invoices as part of normal business life, be assured it doesn’t need to be the case, as it could be costing your business tens of thousands of dollars.

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M.U.S.T. Do for Business

Prepare for Take-Off: TAKE action and implement your strategy

MEASURING your performance and gaining a clear UNDERSTANDING of your business financials and defining the goals you have for your business, provide the tools necessary for creating your STRATEGY for business success.  However, a STRATEGY without TAKING action achieves nothing.  Here’s how we can help you to TAKE the actions you need to transition from a business operator to a successful business owner.

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Set your course: Your STRATEGY for Business Success

When operating on gut instinct rather than real-time financial data, it’s easy to become lost in your day to day business operations and lose sight of the big picture. The unfortunate truth is that the bigger the business, the bigger the stresses for the business owners.  Ultimately, it’s about being a business owner rather than a business operator. Achieving that distinction all comes down to STRATEGY.

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Avoid Flying Blind: What you can MEASURE you can manage

The management and accounting systems you implemented when you first started your business may no longer be appropriate for your needs today. Without real time figures and information, running your business is equivalent to flying blind.  Read on to find out how implementing new, or customising existing financial management systems can make a world of difference for your business success.

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Make the most of your super: Changes to after-tax contributions

If you hope to retire in the next five to ten years and want to boost your super balance, you must act now before your ability to make after-tax contributions is significantly reduced.

In addition to pre-tax contributions to super, such as employer contributions and salary sacrifice contributions, you can also make after-tax or non-concessional contributions.

From 1 July 2017, your capacity to contribute large sums of money through non-concessional contributions will be reduced when the cap decreases from the current $180,000 to $100,000 per annum.

You also have a limited opportunity to take advantage of the bring-forward rule which allows you to contribute up to $540,000 in after-tax contributions this financial year.

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A closing window of opportunity: Pre-tax contributions to Super

Significant reductions to Concessional (pre-tax) Contributions Caps for Super come into effect on 1 July 2017, which means you have a closing window of opportunity to take advantage of the current pre-tax contribution limits.

Importantly, if you have salary sacrificing arrangements in place, you will also need to review your contributions strategy to align with the reduced contribution caps and avoid penalties.

If you want to make the most of your Super and retirement planning before the changes come into effect, you need to act now.

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