Specialist Advice Grants Available

$2,000 specialist advice grants are now available to access accounting or legal professional advice to help support businesses improve and adapt following COVID-19 disruptions and current economic conditions. The program closes on Friday 30 September, and applications are assessed on a first in, first served basis, so you need to act now.

Got that nagging feeling you're not getting the most from your accountant?

Got that nagging feeling you’re not getting the most from your accountant?

Your accountant should be planning strategies to improve your business, tax and personal outcomes months in advance, not just doing your tax return. Even if ‘you’re not their biggest client’ your accountant should be working proactively for you. Tax savings are made through planning, not hoping. If you don’t have a handle on your tax…

Remain relevant for business success

Remaining relevant is the key to continued business success

If you want your business to remain relevant and continue to grow, it’s time to be proactive … and in our experience it’s often small and easy-to-implement actions that can significantly improve your business success (and personal prosperity). Here are THREE key considerations for business owners that can help your business remain relevant now and…

Taxable Payments Annual Reports (TPAR)

As of 1 July 2019, Taxable Payments Annual Reports (TPAR) will affect the following industries: Road freight IT Security TPARs were first introduced into the building and construction industry from 1 July 2012. Entities with ABNs need to report to the ATO information about the payments that they make to contractors for services. The policy…